Engineers Without Borders Canada

Engineers Without Borders Canada (EWB) is an organization that supports social innovation in Canada and across Africa. They take an innovative approach to international development that involves identifying system tipping points where the organization's support and work can catalyze real change. Currently they are using an impact investing model to support nine different social enterprise start-ups in Ghana, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, and Ethiopia.

Impact Evaluation and Learning Manager

Since February 2017 I have worked as EWB's Impact Evaluation and Learning Manager. My core focus is to develop, implement, and analyze evaluations that help us understand the social impact of EWB's investments. This work involves formative, implementation, and summative evaluation. Additionally, I am working with EWB to consider the application of transformative evaluation methods to their social impact measurement. 

Navigation Circle

In 2016 I was a member of EWB's Navigation Circle whose mandate was to facilitate the identification and exploration of impact areas that the EWB community could take on, accelerate, and/or intensify to create social change with global and local relevance. I worked to facilitate an initial sense-making of the group's mandate and scope and prepared reports on our activities to-date. Additionally, I helped develop a rubric of criteria for determining impact areas for EWB, and design a Marketplace stream for EWB's national conference to involve chapter members in the Navigation Circle and impact area selection process.