Imagine a world of 7 billion Systems Thinkers...

ThinkWater is a national campaign supported by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to help people of all backgrounds and ages think and care deeply about water. It does so by applying systems thinking to existing water education and research efforts and by actively engaging people in a new way around water issues. The Mission-Vision is to Engage, Educate and Empower 7 Billion Systems Thinkers to solve wicked water problems.

ThinkWater follows the systems thinking methodology developed by Derek and Laura Cabrera of the Cabrera Research Lab at Cornell University. Specifically, the project teaches others how to be meta-cognitive using Distinctions, Systems, Relationships and Perspectives (DSRP). 

My goal as an evaluator on ThinkWater was two-fold:

1. Develop tools and resources for the field of systems evaluation that specifically use DSRP to help practitioners be more meta-cognitive in their evaluation work

2. Use ThinkWater's Wisconsin efforts as a case study in using DSRP in systems evaluation


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