“We talk about our fears, frustrations, and doubts endlessly, but we talk only rarely and with embarrassment about our dreams.” –Donella Meadows, Envisioning a Sustainable World

Why vision?

Oftentimes, we approach our work through problem-solving.  We see something negative that we need to move away from, so we generate solutions to a problem and create workplans based on this.  While problem-solving is useful, it can lead you to become bogged down in process, technical details, and disagreements with colleages on the best way to define/solve the problem.  Therefore, it is important that in addition to problem-solving, we also vision.  A vision is something positive to move toward, rather than something negative to move away from.  Visioning generates a common goal, hope, and encouragement.  It offers a possibility for fundamental change, gives one a sense of control, gives a person/group something to move toward, and generates creative thinking and passion.  Therefore, it is important that we take the time at the beginning of your placements to do some serious visioning.  

I facilitate visioning workshops that utilize a wide range of individual and group activities to bring out individual and collective visions that contribute to change work.  To learn how visioning might help your organization or social change project, check out the following examples in My Portfolio: